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Q: How long does an order take?
A: most orders ship in 10-12 days. All Onamac Windery pickups are 100% hand built and the wait times vary depending on the amount of orders being processed at any given time. If you have a concern or just want an update on your order feel free to email us for an update. In stock items ship in 1-2 days. You will be notified of your item's ETA at the time the order is placed.

Q: How will my order be shipped?
A: Onamac Windery uses USPS for all domestic and international orders, you will be emailed tracking info when your order ships

Q: How do I know what pickups will work best for me?
A: If you are not sure which model will work best for you feel free to contact us every effort will be made to assist you find the tone you desire. Although most musical genres are covered if a stock model isn't the best option for your particular application a custom build may be recommended.

Q: Can I have a custom pickup or pickup set built and how much does that cost?
A: Yes Onamac Windery will make pickups to specifications that you supply. *Please be aware customer spec pickups are non-returnable and since we weren't involved with the design or testing of the particular pickup we cannot guarantee it will sound as you intended.

We recommend contacting us so we can discuss your needs and expectations at which point we are better able to assist you by either recommending an existing model that will fill the need or offering to design a custom build for your specific application.

Q: Do you have other pickups models that aren't listed on the web site.
A: Yes Onamac Windery has a number of models available besides the ones listed. Feel free to inquire if you have something particular in mind and have not found it on the site.

Technical/ repair

Q: What's the difference between RW/RP and non-RW/RP and which should I choose?
A: RW/RP stands for Reverse Wound/Reverse Polarity which typically refers to the middle pickup on a Stratocaster or one of the pickups on other single coil equipped guitars like Tele, P90's, etc.

Using a simple two pickup guitar like a Telecaster for an example:
  • Reverse Wound or "RW" means the magnet wire on one pickup is wound on the bobbin in the opposite direction of the other pickup, one clockwise vs. the other counter-clock-wise.
  • Reverse Polarity or "RP" means one pickup has the magnet pointing up and the other pickup magnet pointing down. That's a bit oversimplified but all magnets have a "north" pole and a "south" pole. RP means one pickup has magnets with north on the top or "north up". The other pickup has south on top or "south up". When both pickups are combined like in the middle position on a Tele they hum cancel. That's it, simple huh?
  • Humbucker pickups are essentially two pickups in one package, two coils, one north up and the other south up. The coils are wired such that one is reverse of the other. So when played they hum cancel hence you have a humbucking pickup.
  • Now on a vintage Fender guitar the pickups are all made the same way and they don't hum cancel. This is what makes the 60 cycle hum you hear on single coil pickups.
  • And this is where the controversy starts. Depending on who you ask some will say RW/RP pickups sound identical to non-RW/RP and some will say there is a tone difference. After building thousands of pickups and testing hundreds for tone I'm confident enough to say if there is a difference it's so slight 95% of players will never hear a difference and I have a pretty decent ear for such things
Q: Do you repair/rewind/rebuild pickups?
A: Yes the exception is we do not work on epoxy potted or plastic bobbin pickups. Generally these are too time consuming and are cost prohibitive to repair. Not all pickups are automatically rewind. Should you have a vintage or valuable pickup we will take the time to see if it can be repaired before stripping it down to the bobbin and rewinding it. Often lead connections or damaged magnet wire in the first few layers is the cause of a failure, these are repairable without a complete overhaul.

Q: Much does a repair or rewind cost?
A: There are variables but most single coils are $65 and humbuckers are $95. The pickup will be evaluated and an exact price quoted before any work is done.

Q: Will you use my pickguard and/or plastic parts to assemble a loaded pickguard?
A: Yes please send a message with your particular question sometimes your parts can be used but often costs are the same price or more depending on the situation. Ask for a quote.

Warranty/warranty repair

Q: Do Onamac pickups have a warranty?
A: Onamac pickups are warrantied against defects in materials and/or workmanship for life to the original purchaser. This excludes: obvious misuse/damage/abuse or any failure caused by modifications/repairs/attempted repairs by anyone other than Onamac Windery. Under these circumstances repairs will be offered at discounted prices to the original purchaser.

Q: What if I don't like the pickups I bought?
A: No one wants to be stuck with pickups they don't like. Pickups can be exchanged during the first 20 days no charge. The pickups most be unmodified or damaged and in original like new condition, there is no penalty for cut leads on single coils. This excludes custom work that was made to buyer's own specifications. Onamac Windery cannot be responsible if you're unhappy with a pickup of your own creation. With that said Onamac Windery will make every effort to discourage what appears to be a poor decision and help when a custom build is necessary.

Dealer/Builder inquiries

Q: Do you offer discounts?
A: Yes Dealers and builders are encouraged to inquire. Dealer, builder as well as volume discounts are available.

Q. Does Onamac Windery use the standard paraffin –beeswax mixture for wax potting?
A. No. After testing literally hundreds of pickups it became clear that the addition of beeswax to the potting process tends to dampen the harmonics and color a pickup’s tone in a negative manner. A good comparison would be a potted PAF vs. a non-potted PAF. We all know the non-potted pickup has a more open airy tone; the example is very much the same in these pickups. Because of this Onamac Windery has discontinued the use of beeswax across the entire pickup line. Info shared by another pickup maker who recently stopped using beeswax was the basis for our comparison testing and the result was crystal clear. Some will speculate it must be a cost saving measure but at a difference of about three cents per pickup set the financial aspect is moot.
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