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To be honest, the Top Shelf Custom humbucker was great and I retired Tom Holmes. So I have great expectations for single coils as well.”
Y. Tanaka (10/26/2021)

I am literally flabbergasted at the tone of these pickups. They are like nothing I have ever played before - and I have played a LOT of guitars and humbuckers in my 50 "+" years of playing.”
R. Lanning (10/1/2020)

Freakin awesome! Love them! (Top Shelf Custom)”
M. Harrison (9/10/2020)

Not too long ago I ordered and install a set of Full Blues for a very difficult customer who had been through countless pups looking for that tone in his head. Not a week goes by where he does not send me an email that the Full Blues have not only satisfied his quest but exceeded it beyond expectation. Well done. I am now looking for........”
K. Relkoff (1/28/2020)

I love Kerry's stuff !! Honestly, they ALL sound just great - I use a bunch of different sets !! And he can really help you dial in exactly what you're looking for. Which reminds me… I need to order some more !!”
Dan Strain
Danocaster Guitars (5/12/19)

At Whitfill Guitars tone is our number one priority!

This starts with top quality tone wood that meets our exacting specifications.

Next comes the pickups.
In our minds, pickups should have the ability to capture the natural tone of the wood and color it to the profile we are trying to achieve in a specific instrument.

I have been fortunate enough to test nearly all of the top-quality pickup brands being produced and have in many cases been offered the opportunity to purchase these brands at very attractive pricing.

With all the options available I chose to use Onamac Windery pickups exclusively.
This is simply due to the fact that no other pickups I have tried capture the tone and responsiveness of Onamac.

The fact that Kerry Learned, "The Mad Scientist", has never failed to deliver on the crazy requests that I often send him is icing on the cake.

A few of the Pros using Onamac Pickups in Whitfill Guitars
Joe Walsh
Vince Gill
Billy F Gibbons
Warren Haynes
Peter Frampton
Rick Nielsen
Jack Pearson
Charlie Starr”
Charles Whitfill
Whitfill Custom Guitars
Lebanon, KY (02/26/19)

Best pups I've come across in a long time Thanks for being in my Life man I have seen the Light and no turning back Almost time to order again :)”
P. Cowart (12/1/18)

I honestly can't describe all the things your pickups do to my sound, they fill the room like nothing I've ever experienced before, the way the notes bloom and note separation is truly mind blowing. You are without a doubt one true talented man, like the magic man because I've never in my life and the 1000's and 1000's of dollars I've spent on other high end pups, no one has even come close to your work my friend. Once again I say Thank you and a huge token of appreciation for using your supernatural products. Wow!!!!!”
E. Roberts - London, Ontario (3/15/18)

All my builds get nothing but Onamac pickups, I actually start a build, see where its going and reach out to kerry for his suggestions.

I have an LP rebuild going on right now and just told Kerry to send me what I needed.

Trust me, when its tone and quality is what you're looking for Kerry is the man to go to. My thinlines literally get shocked faces when people here them. I have a set of humbuckers on the way and honestly dont even know what they are.....but cant wait! But I seriously at this point just put in what he sends. Never ever been disappointed.”
B. Chadwick - Norwood, MA (3/15/18)

Hi Kerry, I've had a set of these in my Les Paul since last year. The standard pups weren't bad per se, but I could never get them to sound how I want (the push-pull coil tap nonsense seemed like a great idea at the time, too). The "Top Shelf" pickups with 50's wiring bring it to life! Your Strat and Tele pickups are mighty fine too! Thanks!”
David F - Australia (2/21/18)

Musical instruments all require a great deal of time, experience and effort to sound really good!! To sound exceptional, they require a level of input and dedication that exceeds what is rational. Kerry Learned lives electric guitar tone!! His creativity, skill, commitment and individuality are loud and clear when you first hear his pickups! An 'Ah Ha' moment that I recommend to any one looking for exquisite tone in their electric guitar!”
P. DeLoe - Pittsford, NY (2/14/18)

I was doing research on a pickup change to liven up my '88 Strat and found Kerry's name being repeatedly mentioned on multiple blogs and contacted him. We had a lengthy discussion on the phone and he explained his different pickup options but he was really focused on listening to me and what sound I was trying to achieve. We settled on the Pink Tone set and in 2 weeks they were done and on their way. The change was as dramatic as I had hoped, these pickups woke this guitar up and gave it the soul I was searching for. Made me feel good too, so refreshing to have personalized business the way it used to be and should be. So he's got a customer for life and I feel like I have my own custom Pickup Winder, thanks for everything Kerry.”
B. Ponciroli (2/5/18)
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