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Loaded Pickguard

$269 - $329 (Pricing varies depending on options chosen)

Customize your pick guard with your choice of pickups, pickguard, pickup covers, knobs and switch tip.

Electronics consist of quality CTS's brass shaft 250k pots, made in USA CRL 5 way switch, Switchcraft jack, treble bleed circuit (orange drop capacitor), and an NOS Soviet paper in oil tone cap in the recommended value to compliment your pickup choice.

Everything is assembled and soldered using 22awg pre-tinned waxed cloth pushback wire and shrink tubing for a clean installation that really does "drop-in".

Included and soldered as part of the harness are tremolo claw and body shielding ground wires with eyelet, screw and star washer. The additional ground wire provides a method of grounding body cavity shielding.

Combined with Onamac's quiet vacuum potted pickups properly grounded cavity shielding helps minimize noise.

Once assembled and soldered the completed unit is plugged in and thoroughly tested.

Turn that mediocre sounding Strat into a true tone machine or use this loaded guard to save time & money on that new build.

* Voodoo requires body with swimming pool rout or humbucker rout in bridge position (will not fit standard SSS body)
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