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Onamac Overdrive Pedal


A hand crafted overdrive pedal at an affordable price. Designed, hand wired and assembled in the USA exclusively for Onamac Windery.

Most of us have bought/sold/traded a number of overdrive pedals and although you may have settled on one chances are you're not completely happy with it and you’ve never really found "the" pedal.

Whether you're a mostly clean player who likes just enough transparent gain to drive your amp to that sweet spot, or you want a full thick Stevie style TS 808 sound, or you need a full on balls out cranked Marshall sound, this pedal does these sounds with an almost infinite number of variations in-between.

The pedal layout is a familiar one with the usual Tone, Level, Gain knobs which are readily identifiable. The extra sounds are available via a small 3-way toggle. The 3-way switch positions give you; Marshall sound, the middle is where I live, it's with the diodes lifted for a killer transparent OD sound that doesn't color your sound at all. The third position is the classic TS 808 sound. I have an original TS808 and in my honest opinion this pedal in the Tube Screamer position sounds cleaner and less muffled than the original. You SRV guys will love this setting!

What more can I say; true bypass, hand assembly/hand wired, highest quality components carefully selected for tone instead of price like mass produced units, and it takes the usual 9 volt battery or your typical 9 volt power supply.

I'm notoriously picky when it comes to tone and those who know my pickups already know my attention to detail. That said I won't put my name on just anything.
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