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Robben Ford

$99 - $208 (Includes all options chosen)

Robben Ford inspired pickups for Telecaster

The neck pickup is constructed with our custom formulated alnico 5 magnets, SPN 42awg magnet wire, a deep drawn nickel plated nickel/silver alloy cover and waxed cloth push back leads.

The unique Strat-like sounding neck pickup provides rich fat tone while retaining super clarity and note separation without a hint of muddiness.

In addition to complimenting its tone the bridge pickup output is perfectly calibrated to the neck pickup. It has traditional late '60's construction with 42awg plain enamel wound to 7.25k using custom formula alnico 5 magnets white rope and gray bottom flatwork.

As with all Onamac Windery pickup sets they come with new mounting hardware.

Here's a review for a new Whitfill guitar and he plays and talks about the pickups which are Onamac Windery "Robben Fords"

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